Easter Fun at Home

With parents everywhere coming up with inventive ways to keep the kids entertained, we’ve put together a guide to some brilliant and simple Easter themed activities to give some extra inspiration!

There’s something for every day of the week leading up to Easter Sunday, so you’re guaranteed an egg-citing week of family fun at home.

Also, don’t forget to take part in our Easter Art Challenge.  Mini artists simply need to create an Easter artwork to share with us!  It could be a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, whatever they like, as long as it’s connected to Easter.

Simply post your child’s entry to Facebook and tag in @newsquarewestbromwich & we’ll pick our favourite to win a £50 egift card for your New Square store of choice on Friday 10 April.  Go forth and get creative!

Happy Easter everyone!


Filling the Nest Game

Choose ten items from the kitchen and place them at the end of the garden or front room. Split into 2 teams and have a relay race to see which one can fill their nest first.  The nest can be a bucket or container.  Once you’ve finished, reverse it and race each other to empty the nest!


Funky Chicken Dancing

Choose your favourite tune and create a family dance routine using your best chicken dance moves!  You can throw in a few bunny hops in as well for some extra Easter fun.  Don’t forget to film it to share with your friends!


Don’t Drop the Egg!

See if you can move an Easter egg or hard-boiled egg around the house in teams of 2 or more going over your heads, under your legs alternately without dropping the egg! Create an obstacle course, time yourself and then keep doing it to try to beat your time!


Egg Rolling Race

Each member of the family needs to decorate a boiled egg and then create an obstacle course/hill inside or outside to race your egg along the course, rolling it to the finish line.  Make sure there’s an Easter themed prize to reward the winner!


Bunny Hop Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course inside or outside.  Have a bunny hopping race swapping between your left leg and your right leg followed by a two footed jumping race!  See who the fastest bunny is in your family!


Egg Basket Catch

Using an old cereal box, toilet roll and Sellotape – create an egg basket!  Pass a boiled egg or Easter egg like a hot potato and catch it in the basket! Keep it moving until it cracks – you can use a high pass, a low pass, but don’t let it fall! How many passes can you make?


Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Give your Easter Egg hunt a pirate twist!  Devise a treasure hunt and write clues on paper (or on chalk on the pavement). Use chocolate eggs as a treasure reward!