New Square Supports Kaleidoscope Plus Group

We’re delighted that New Square will be continuing its partnership with The Kaleidoscope Plus Group Charity.

An award-winning, national mental health and wellbeing charity, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group is committed to making sure that it not only provides effective services of the highest quality, but that they are diverse and relevant, addressing the holistic health and wellbeing needs of the communities it serves, and that they are accessible to, and inclusive of, everybody who needs them.  

The charity’s key aims are to support recovery for people experiencing ill-health, whilst also promoting independence; to support inclusion and facilitate community integration and participation for people with health problems; and to raise awareness of mental health issues, challenging stigma and promoting positive health and well-being.  

Its range of services include:

  • Residential and independent living services
  • A national 24hr text support service
  • Telephone and instant messaging support lines
  • Suicide prevention services
  • Bereavement support
  • Counselling in the community
  • Mental health services for children including those in care or at risk
  • Community support and activity groups aimed at promoting inclusion, support, recovery, wellness, and self-care.

Find out more about the charity and its work at